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Studio #5

Artisit,  Designer, and  Decor

      British Brat

British Brat Decor Rental

Hello Love, 

My name is Karen, also know as the British Brat located in Studio # 5 at the Fabulous “Reading Art Works”.

I am a self taught artist, designer & the In house decor person in the R.A.W.

I was born in the UK where my Dad was stationed in England & met & married my beautiful mother. I came over on the Queen Mary ship when I was around 3 yrs old and settled in Philadelphia where my wonderful Father was born and raised. Unfortuanelty I do not have the British accent like my Mum did, but definitely all the British charm, humor & wit. 

I totally enjoy creating my own whimsical art pieces & crafts & I have always had a passion for recycling and salvaging found objects from thrift stores, flea markets & yard sales in addition to designing, decorating & staging rooms. 

I was blessed to have an opportunity to move my studio in the Reading Art Works, a one of a kind, unique venue space and art gallery that I often refer to as “ Rustically Elegant”. If you love the industrial look & feel like I do, it is the perfect place to host an event. The Loft is like a giant blank canvas to me that can be transformed into any theme or style. With it’s large open concept, high ceilings with original beams & hard wood floors, for me, HONESTLY, it was almost like a kid going to the candy store for the first time. I couldn’t stop day dreaming.

I immediately thought, Wow, being able to meet & work with so many wonderful people, create & sell my art in my own space AND share my collection of found objects and hand made pieces, Pinch Me, I thought!

What better place than this. And so, the British Brat moved into Studio # 5 to run her design services & decor rental business.

I love collaborating my artistic design & style with your personalities & ideas to create your own unique look so your memories are personable & lasting for you & your guests.

I offer all R.A.W customers a free 1 hour consult after booking the venue. During that time we get to take a look at all of your visions & dreams for your special day or event. 

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