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Artisit,  Designer, and  Decor


I sign my art with the name Kalina. It was a name that was written on a gift my Father brought back for me while he was stationed in Hawaii. It is my name Karen, in Hawaiian, I thought it was very unusual & beautiful. 

My art is a reflection of my personality, a combination of passionate, whimsical, fun, storytelling, a little crazy and definitely a wild imagination.


I am a self taught artist who was born in the UK and came over to settle in Philadelphia PA when I was a young girl. I grew up in a family of very talented people. I was influenced by my Mother (Mum) who loved to work with her hands knitting, sewing, making crafts and my Father, a very talented military man and a story teller himself who loves to write about many topics. 

I find myself constantly growing, learning, and expanding my knowelge through self discovery.
My images are created by utilizing magazine ads as vibrant color paint and all types of found objects including CD covers, with an affinity toward juxtaposing the familar with opposite images that surprise the veiwer. To my art I like to add old newspapers, letters, mixed with found objects to create & add layers of texture. I combine these treasures in startlingly original ways resulting in an emotional bond the viewer welcomes.

Salvaging & Recycling

I find myself recycling and salvaging found objects to create something new. I like to collage with different materials and use them with acrylic or house paints. I also like to play with overlaying images and scanned objects.
Many images have hidden meanings that lead the viewer to explore and wonder! My pages are mostly collaged, scribbled, or painted in an urgent manner. Sometimes I add words, but each image describes a unique moment in time.

Collage & Digital Art


      British Brat

Collage Art

Every great conversation explores ideas that connect us to others. I think of magical moments and discover my next visual image. 

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